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Robotic Sciences is focused on creating designs for physical robotic structures. We believe that the form factor of a robotic system accounts for more than 60% of its total usefulness. We are committed to designing the most robust and innovative mobile robot platforms possible. We firmly believe that at this juncture in the evolution of robotic systems that transportability is of the utmost importance.

The patented Robotic Sciences Proteus 6xi platform is the most robust and transportable development base available today. Designed for simple transportation by one person this unit can be configured to accommodate an almost infinite number of tasks. Code developed on the Proteus 6xi can be perfected in your lab and put to work in the real world conveniently and without the need for heavy moving equipment. The concept is simple and powerful - the ability to write code today and have it working for you in another location tomorrow. Build licenses allow for wheeled or treaded platforms to be constructed in a number of unique mobile configurations. See the sample design shown in the photos to the right to get an idea of the simplicity and power of this design.

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